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Welcome to SOHOClan Warframe
Firstly let me say welcome to all you new members.

Then allow me to give you a quick overview of what, who and where SOHOClan is.
We are a small gaming group from Hermanus, South Africa.
Our clan consists of 5 core people namely EJ Hill, Arno Hill, Andrea Hill, Dante Campbell and Jacques Du Plessis. We have all been friends (brothers) from a long time ago and we all enjoy gaming so a clan is the natural thing for us to partake in.

We have played a vast variety of games, ranging from MMORPGs such as WoW to more mundane games such as Minecraft and such.

We are relaxed players who do not get to serious on most games, however that is not to say we do not take our roles as ass-kickers in games seriously. We enjoy the sport and also know when to take a break.

If you are like us and just want to have some fun then join up, we would love to have you.
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