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CLAN SIZE: We're currently thinking of these tiers: Shadow Clan (30 limit), River Clan (100 limit), Mountain Clan (500 limit), Moon Clan (2000 limit). Existing massive clans will likely grandfathered in but there may be upkeep friction for those really crazy sized ones. We will avoid forced splits though. Starting a clan will take some resources. Jumping between clans will be slow to reduce exploits. We need these limits to help bring sanity to database, networking and balance equations. Stay tuned, as we're still working out the details.

CONSTRUCTION COSTS: Sorry about how this turned out, slapping "Alpha" on it was not enough. Soon the size of your clan will affect the crafting costs (duh). To grow a Shadow Clan to a River Clan (and beyond) will require building a new structure to increase the capacity. Connector pieces will be adjusted in cost. Large clans will not feel a ton of difference. It will make all the difference for small ones. This will not be a linear curve, larger group of more active players will be able to build faster but it won't be such a ridiculous gap.

CLAN POLARITY: Each clan will optionally select a polarity (at a shrine-like room they must build) which will affect the Mod capacity of all members. This is the beginning of Clans making its members more powerful.

CLAN TAGS/MOTD: High ranking Clan members will be able to set a short tag prefix that will show up on their membership's name. There will be a message-of-the-day they can edit and this will appear in chat as well as plastered on the wall in the Dojo.

ARCHITECT UI: We're adding features to make dead-ends more obvious, looking at some cross-connector issues and add support to tagging components with text (for signage).

DOJO HOTNESS: New rooms (Obstacle courses!) and extended material customization are in the works. Architects will be able to place arbitrary objects (per-component count limit) to bring Dojo customization to the next level. Some of these things will be related to world events and bosses to give your Dojo a sense of history.

R&D WEAPONS: A few desperately need a buff. We've got custom animations and balance changes to a few of these coming. These did come in hot and we didn't get enough animation support (animation team was slammed with our big top-secret E3 thing). Will magically get better soon.

DUELING: Intra-Clan leaderboards, PvP-specific balance changes (Hek zomg) and stability fixes are in the works. We'll be adding a UI for clans to create their dueling rules.


RNG GODS: These RNG Gods are angry! We are constantly thinking about RNG vs. time advancement. It would be a radical change to just drop it entirely. I promise we are considering all feedback and debating a token-system for some type of items. I can understand the frustration with the lottery aspects.

FORMA: We've done months of work on the Dojo system and offer tons of weapons we'd normally sell for Platinum. Buying Forma means supporting Warframe's development and future. Playing for it is also an option of course, and we’ve made it obtainable in The Void. Will we look at the drop-rates and dojo costs? Hell yes.

PRICE OF PLATINUM IS TOO DAMN HIGH: Only thing firm I can say here is - we'll be adding some limited-time Platinum discounts from daily sign-ins. Any other changes will likely be gradual, we can't yet smash this even if you feel we should.


STEALTH: Yes, beyond Kunai, we haven't progress this very much. We've been talking about a new mission type to address this, more to come.

STUN-LOCK: We don't love it either. We do need to find better ways to slow down the ninjas in our game without loss of control.

BOSSES: The ones coming are disgusting, cruel, and completely badass. There are some exploits with Kril that we are looking to fix.

DON'T NERF "X", MAKE "Y" AS GOOD AS "X": Message received and understood.

ACCOUNT RESET: Is coming back but with restrictions to close some of the exploits that were spreading (sly foxes, all of you).

We're going to focus on fixes and balance. We're going to check out drop tables, think hard about the feedback and then knock out kick-ass updates. Beyond that, get ready to craft your OWN Warframe levels made from our tilesets. Get ready to see more Lore, better quests and Clan events for Shadow to Mountain.

Thanks for playing!
The Proud
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